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Name:Mr. Arief Rahadian Sugiharta [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:087857654555
Phone Number:081319247547
Address:jl Bandeng No 2 RT 002/RW 004 Desa Dukuh Mencek Kecamatan Sukorambi
Jember 68121, Jawa Timur
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Registration Date:Mar. 27, 2011
Last Updated:Nov. 15, 2012
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Agriculture category

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Company Brief

Our company is a supplier of commodities Emprit Ginger, Ginger Elephant, and Red Ginger. With so many relationships that we have, allowing us to supply the needs of business and corporate Ginger. Besides, we also became the supplier of some agricultural commodities and other crops. BUSINESS WITH OUR BUSINESS BECAUSE YOU WILL BE SATISFIED WITH OUR COMPANY. We give priority to honesty in business, we always hold the principle.

Terms of purchase our commodities:

The company sends Request Order Authorized to our company, by sending PO via our email form at: herbalmakmurjaya@ gmail.com
After our confirmation, we will reply to an email from a partner company.
We are ready to cooperate with the company, the signature before a notary and ready to claim 5 times as much as the goods in the order is not in accordance with the request we provide partner companies.
Before making an order, the prospective partners are enjoined to look at our field site, so there is no doubt related to the presence of goods.
Counterparties to transfer the money order amount of 50% of the contract value cooperation first, and then we send the goods up to 2 days after the money is transferred over. After that the rest of the money to pay off counterparties order goods ordered.
Advances for purchase of goods is transferred through the account: BRI Unit No. Sukorambi. Account. 6212.01.000730.50.9' s. Arief Rahadian Sugiharto.
Payment System using Cash And Cary systems at our location.
Partners who wish to be paid in Cash After Delivery, we ask for money DP 50% of the contract value.
Once the money is transferred, and the goods are not desirable partners as requested by the buyer, we are ready to claim 5x higher than the value of the order.
When the partnership unilaterally cancel orders without the knowledge of us, we are entitled to claim as much of the value of partnerships 5x order goods.

This requirement order from our company, not to complicate things, but that our business is equally maintained.

Regards successful,

Arief Rahadian Sugiharta

Director CV Herbal Makmur Jaya

Major Products / Services
    Kami perusahaan yg bergerak di bidang jual beli komoditas pertanian. Produk unggulan kami adalah semua jenis jahe segar. Baik itu jahe merah, jahe gajah, ataupun jahe emprit. Dalam berbisnis kami tentu mengutamakan kualitas barang dan suplay pemenuhan kebutuhan calon mitra usaha kami. Jangan ragu bekerjasama dengan perusahaan kami. Semoga dengan adanya perusahaan kami, bisa memberikan manfaat bagi perusahaan atau perorangan yg membutuhkan jahe.

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